Getting to know our 2015 TUI UK & I Graduates

Name: Connor Weller

Degree and University: Plymouth University, BSc Mathematics

Which TUI gConnorraduate scheme are you on? Analytics Graduate Scheme

What are you doing in your current assignment?

Working with Digital Analytics and Digital Marketing teams in eCommerce to determine the incremental benefit of each channel and how best to attribute sales to each of them. In short, it basically means lots of talking, lots of meetings and lots of travelling!

What were you doing at this time last year?

Panicking about not having a job after University! Also, studying in the final year of my degree as well as worrying about how quickly Christmas has come around. At least some things never change…

What is has been your best ever holiday?

A trip to Devon around 5 years ago. It was my first time away for two weeks and the first time I visited Plymouth; a city which I love.

What makes you smile?

Talking to and helping my friends, as well as playing video games with family.

What was your dream job growing up?

Anything to do with Maths really; though I always (not so) secretly wanted to be a games developer. At least I get to do a bit of that in my spare time!

If you had any superpower, what would it be and why?

The ability to shape shift; it’d give me a different perspective on the world and the greater your perspective, the better the person you are in my opinion.


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