The Work Life of a Commercial Graduate

Last Thursday I attended a meeting in London at the offices of Sparkler, an insight and brand strategy consultancy that we use as our research agency. The room was filled with people from a variety of different areas of the business. It was a great opportunity for me to meet with some of the ‘big names’ from the TUI head office.


The aim of the workshop was to agree the optimal structure for the TUI UK portfolio (where our products sit within the portfolio and under what name). Essentially to look at how our new portfolio would look to our customers in the real world, how it would manifest itself in stores, online and in resort.

The day was split into 3 main sections, each of which involved going away in our allocated groups, brainstorming ideas and ‘ideals’ (if there were no rules or constraints) then coming back together and presenting to the rest of the room. Discussions then followed as to whose idea was ‘the best’ and which structure, labels and guidelines we should follow going forward (it was interesting to see this play out with all the big characters in the room). One of the exercises involved coming up with new names for some of our concepts which was actually really tricky but quite fun to get creative!

Overall it was a great informative and interactive day out of the office that was really useful. After working for more than 3 months on this project, getting to see some progression and decisions being made was really satisfying (and with the offices just off Oxford Street I treated myself to a bit of sales shopping on my way home which was of course a bonus!)



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