Hard work, Hard play, that’s the CIMA way

Three years, three placements, three clueless Graduates embarking on a financial adventure. This is how we began a mere 5 months ago but having been given the opportunity to study CIMA alongside work, we’re becoming better equipped to tackle the tasks we encounter and we’re beginning to understand just how Finance actually works.

Whilst studying CIMA, there are 3 different study options to choose from and, this year, we have all chosen to attend IMG_0682
Online Live sessions. This allows you to study in the comfort of your own home – even in PJs if that’s what floats your boat! You simply need to set yourself up with a laptop
and you join a virtual classroom, with your tutor speaking through a webcam to students from all over the world. Others, however, have opted to study independently with the use of online resources or they go to a classroom; you can pick and choose which works best for you.

It can be a challenge fitting in CIMA around work and you’ll need a bit of discipline, and a decent supply of snacks, when you’re studying into the evening. It’s definitely made easier, though, with the fantastic support on offer here.  If you need to leave slightly early because you are going to college or have an online live session to attend, the finance team are really flexible and everyone’s always keen to hear how you’re getting on. Studying alongside working not only helps to reinforce the theory you’ve learned but you also start to understand your role, and the finance world, that bit better.

And, although it isn’t a walk in the park, we’re all enjoying our online college classes, especially when we witness Aimee’s embarrassing moments with technology! Having virtually ‘put up her hand’ accidently multiple times and, worst of all, typing in the wrong answers by accident (she claims), we’re always provided with a bit of entertainment to see us through. Top tip, don’t lean on the keyboard unless you want to type ‘2’ by accident. This leads to the tutor wondering if you think the answer is, in fact, 2 and proceed to explain for the next 15 minutes why this isn’t the case, much to the annoyance of the other students!

But don’t worry; it’s not all college and Excel here. There are always plenty of opportunities to socialise, especially if the other Grads have anything to do with it!


Aimee & Lucy


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