TUI’s Graduate Development Week

It feels a little bit late on writing this blog, but arguably I am putting into practice some of the 7 habits of highly effective people, introduced to us by Ed Cornfield back in January on our graduate development week. One of the habits highlighted was to put first things first, executing a week’s tasks based on importance rather than just urgency. Knowing my post is due to go live soon, it’s a lot more urgent and important than in previous weeks. The development week brought together all of the UK & I grads (Analytic’s, IT, Finance & commercial) as well as the international grads who have been on projects all across Europe. This made us in Luton slightly jealous of their travels and tan!

grad week
Some of the grad’s enjoying a selfie in one of Ed’s development sessions.

We were split into two groups, where we had around 5 different sessions ranging from Career development, Finance essentials to Emotional Intelligence. Looking back on the week it was really enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Finance Essentials by John Tennent made Finance easily relatable to TUI which really got us engaged in the session from the beginning. I chose to sit next to Jack and Aimee who are currently on the Finance scheme, where they insisted they wouldn’t know all the answers. Jack probably wasn’t as pleased by the end of the session as he had turned into my personal tutor. Thanks Jack – you should have gone into teaching! But again, this was also engaging for the Finance grads as they could see what they were being taught at college being applied directly to TUI.

I’ve already mentioned the sessions by Ed, which got us all thinking about how we behave and think. These sessions were very interactive, getting us involved in role play as well as reflecting back on how we view ourselves. One of my highlights of the week was within the “Communicating with Impact” session, where myself, Valerie and Lucian had to video one another reading a speech by Franklin Roosevelt, provide feedback to one another and then take this on-board for take two. As awkward as this felt on the first go, we all really got stuck in and gave constructive feedback which we had to incorporate straight back. Throughout the week we did similar tasks that enabled us to reflect on how we engage with others, and look forward to how we can adapt this to positively improve.

Overall, the week was a great way to get to know the international grads, with the Thursday evening involving some drinks. We even managed to give some of the international grads their first Nandos experience… ending with drinks in Luton’s finest Weatherspoons – a cheap and cheerful way to end a great week before the International grads flew to sunnier climates.

The main learning I have taken from development week is that everyone works differently, and it’s about making things work best for you.

I am looking forward to the next development week in June!

Zoe G


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