The only way is…Technology

There are 60 million people in the UK and 88 million phones used, clearly we are tech obsessed and I don’t blame us… Technology has evolved greatly since the 1940’s and it is amazing the things we can do nowadays with the different types of technology that are available to us.

As an IT graduate I got the opportunity to visit Samsung’s head office to find out what technology is out there and what may lie ahead for TUI and First Choice. The real engagement began when we were introduced to the virtual reality headset; it truly showed advanced technology at its finest.

Samsung virtual reality headset


I was sitting on a sunbed, beachfront with a pina colada by my side; it couldn’t get any more real than that- well excluding all the background noise from my lovely TUI colleagues feeling the same excitement I was feeling, clearly you can tell I was trying to reach for my cocktail.

Another incredible type of technology that was shown to us was a cool app called “Layar” which allows you to scan print materials to view rich digital experiences. You can upload images of greeting cards, flyers, packages etc. to instantly create a personalised augmented reality experience. We were also able to have a play around with the Gear S2 watch which was great; the interesting part of it was that it had all the capabilities of a smart phone.

Samsung transparent TV
Towards the end of the day we were taken to the Samsung showroom which had all different types of TV’s, interactive boards. One of the incredible types of technology we came across was the transparent TV – it was great fun to play around with however, trying to watch Eastenders on it, did not work well. We were also shown several 32inch TV’s that were all connected together which could potentially play one programme.
Samsung technology day was great, it really did show me how important it is especially to keep customers engaged through different types of technology, even though I could have done with going to one of the head offices overseas however there is a bit of sunshine in lovely Luton today! Thank your lucky stars for our advanced technology.




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