My Journey to Become Air Chief Sprackman

It was always my dream to become a Pilot (until I wanted to become a lawyer and then a holiday rep – my priorities clearly changed with age) so I jumped at the opportunity to join the Airline on my second placement. I have always found planes and air travel exciting, plus I look great in a captain’s hat ,so it was a natural career choice for a younger me.


ben hat
Looking dapper in my new uniform
 My assignment has not only given me exposure to the Airline, I have also been able to indulge my passions for customer service and sales, as I am working within the Airline Product & Service Development department.

My placement got off to a great start, with a week on the road visiting our crew at various regional bases, going on an observational flight and attending one of the first ‘Four Rooms’ crew training days. The observational flight allowed me to see first-hand the excellent service our cabin crews provide on a return flight to Marrakech. I learned why they are passionate about their jobs and witnessed the limitations and clever ways of working within an aluminium tube at 35,000ft in the air. In order to fully immerse myself into the team I ate 5 crew meals, which some may say is excessive, but I felt it was necessary to fully get into the mind-set of a crew member. The flight also allowed me to fulfil my dream of being a pilot, as I showed so much promise during the pre-flight checks, I was asked to land the plane. Back on land, the ‘Four Rooms’ training was a fantastic opportunity to meet some of our crew and see them really engaged with their iPads, which were rolled out in Project Diamond, and that I have been lucky enough to work on.

ben food

However, my Airline assignment hasn’t been all one hour long holidays in Morocco and pretending to be a pilot, as I was soon back in sunny Luton. In Wigmore House I have been involved in Pass the Baton, which links our Retail, Airline and Resort teams to provide a seamless service for our customers and creating iPad resort guides, which enable cabin crew to surprise and delight customers with their resort knowledge and top tips. In addition, I have enjoyed working on Project Resolve, which involves designing a point of sale app for the iPad. Plus, I have been able to indulge my passion for service and aircraft through a customer service newsletter and an airline innovation presentation, which was essentially looking at cool and exciting things happening in the world of aircraft. Despite this, the main thing keeping me from my pilot’s exams is Project Sapphire – my ‘baby’ – which aims to increase inflight revenue and improve service through the introduction of new ancillary products on-board.

ben outside plan
TUI’s top poser
Over and out.

I look forward to seeing you on a Thomson Airways flight soon,

Air Chief Sprackman


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