Analytics Forum

Earlier this week, I attended the Analytics Forum, an internal conference at TUI that brings together members of Commercial, Digital and Customer Analytics.  This takes place over an afternoon every second month and it’s the only time we really see each other across all the analytics teams, so it’s a good opportunity to catch up on what others are working on.  When I first joined, I was quite surprised by how dispersed the teams were across the building.  This is mainly because we all do quite different jobs and need to be sat near different parts of the business (e.g. Commercial Analytics sit between Early and Late Trading, their main ‘customers’), but there is definite benefit in knowing what others are up to and in particular, in knowing the areas in which they are experts.  For instance, if another team regularly uses some specialist software with which we aren’t familiar, it’s great to know who we could approach for some guidance.  For Matt, Connor and me, it’s also a nice opportunity to get some further insight into the teams where we’ll be moving next.

Analytics forum photo

The afternoon began with a talk from Aaron, Director of Analytics, giving an overview of the vision for the future of analytics at TUI.  He talked about his visits to Sky and William Hill, where he saw how they use analytics in their business, and how this might change what we do in the future.  Next, we had a demo from Dan in Digital Analytics, who showed us some new software we’ll soon be able to access.  This is great because it will give more of the business the capability to examine data themselves, allowing the Digital team the time to spend on more exciting advanced projects.  After this, we had a brief update from Rich and Kate from the Digital and Customer teams respectively, who introduced their newest team members and gave a brief overview on how their teams were now structured and who was working on what.  To round off, Dan gave a really interesting talk about the split testing programme in Digital Analytics.  This is where they can test out new aspects of website/app design (such as banners, colour schemes and video content) to see how they affect revenue.  The software they use allows them to display the different variations to a proportion of customers so that they can compare revenue to that produced by the original design.  This is the team I’m joining next – and luckily, I really liked the sound of this programme so can’t wait to get involved!  Finally, after an afternoon of listening and discussion, it was time for a few snacks and drinks before we all headed home.



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