IT Conference #ITinIbiza


23 Days 17 hours and approximately 30 minutes into my new job as a TUI IT Graduate, I found myself at roughly 39,000 feet above Montpellier on my way to sunny Ibiza. Not many graduates can say they have had the pleasure of leaving the autumn gloom of England to attend a conference. Ahead of me was a three day event with around 150 colleagues I was yet to know. The purpose of this conference was for TUI IT to understand why our customers come to Ibiza and discovering what makes our customers smile.

I arrived in Ibiza and after collecting my luggage I was greeted by our Thomson holiday reps who ushered us towards the coaches. The journey was fast and efficient and the hotel was very organised and ready for such a large arrival of guests.

Day one was focused on our customers experience, we all received a welcome meeting which helps TUI customers settle in to their holiday. We also had an amusing quiz about our source markets with questions like; “In which country do the men wear white socks with sandals?” – no answer required for that one.

We then split into our teams and had the afternoon exploring Ibiza town; we even hopped onto a not so comfortable bus in order to experience what our customer may do to explore Ibiza. We walked along the docks and saw some of the most magnificent yachts.  We spoke to some locals and got to each other.

On the second day of the conference we had to describe and sell our experience from the day before to all the other teams. This was a fun activity that allowed us to experience different aspects of Ibiza through other colleagues. The afternoon we then had off, so I took the opportunity to relax by the pool and then explored some of the local shops.

We then had a Celebration Dinner at Nassau, Tanit beach. This was a fantastic night with awards, raffle results and some great food. As the night went on the dance moves went from hot to not so hot but it was a lot of fun none the less.

Since returning from the IT conference I have applied so much from this experience to my job role. The main benefit particularly as a new starter was having the opportunity to socialise with colleagues outside of my team. I now have a contact from every department within IT which has already been a major benefit in my day to day role.  Other than this I have learned so much about the customer Journey and how our roles within IT have a direct impact on our customer’s experience. This could be from booking on our app to the payment devices used by cabin crew on our aircraft.

Gemma                                                                                                                                                               IT Graduate



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