Assessment Centre Tips

Want to stand out at a TUI assessment centre?

We’ve gathered some top tips from the current graduates here at TUI to help you on your way…

Before the Day

Katie – “Do your research on the company and the travel industry. Have an awareness of the different brands that make up TUI. Finally, the company is very down to earth and friendly so keep a professional attitude but just be yourself”

Amy – “Plan your route and leave plenty of time so there’s no extra stressing! Think about questions you want to ask, this is as much of an opportunity for you to learn about us as it is for us to learn about you”

On the Day

Beth – “If you do the calculations make sure you are consciously contributing towards the task as well. Remember that the panel can only judge you on what you say, not what you type into the calculator!”

Laura – “Don’t just concentrate on the information in front of you – think about what other information you would need in order to make an informed decision”

Ed – “Be a team player. If the assessors would want to work with you on a project then you’re on the right track!”

Jacob – “Keep an eye on the time. You will have limited time to complete your tasks in: stay efficient and have a complete answer to present”

Zoe Always use examples to back your points up and don’t get lost in your own little world. The answer needs to relate to the question so always have that in the back of your mind while you’re giving your answer”

Chris – “Whether you’re doing a task or an interview don’t be afraid to ask for clarification rather than guessing at what is expected of you”


Marie-Clare – “Don’t be afraid to be yourself and show your personality, TUI praises itself on having a warm, social and friendly culture”

Ryan Be friendly, approachable and ask questions”


Amy and Jacob

Finance Graduates





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