The Buddy Scheme.

The Finance Grads at the Hangar Tour in November.

Here at TUI we have a large group of people to support us through our graduate scheme and further career. Each graduate is assigned a line manager, mentor and buddy, who all contribute to this network.

Line managers are the people we work closest with and report directly into every day. Our mentors are senior members of staff and are there to help with our overall career progression.

Regardless of which scheme you start on, each graduate at TUI is assigned a buddy to help them through their first year at the company. Whether it’s asking about your role or getting some advice on the way TUI works, your buddy is there to help whenever you need them.

Our buddies are in their second year of their graduate scheme, so already have a wealth of knowledge and experience. They can advise on who to talk to for particular issues or how to find your way around the office. They are able to provide you with completely honest and invaluable advice, as they know exactly what you are experiencing – so there’s no need to worry about asking those ‘stupid’ questions!

Having a buddy who is on the same scheme really gives you a chance to pick their brains about how your particular graduate scheme works and what you should expect from certain situations.

Although the buddy scheme at TUI is there for our benefit, the relationship you have with your buddy and how often you want to see them is at your discretion. Whether you want to meet once a week or once every few months, it’s completely up to you.

From my personal experience, my buddy has been a vital part of settling in at TUI. We meet up every Monday morning for around 45 minutes to catch up on how my week has gone and to discuss any issues I’m having. Being on the Finance scheme, my buddy has been especially helpful in my preparation for studying CIMA; by teaching me how to book my tuition and advising me on when is best to take my exams – something that your line manager probably doesn’t know.

Not only does the buddy scheme allow you to meet someone new in your first week, it also allows you to have those honest conversations that you may not want to have with your manager or mentor. I think it’s safe to say that without my buddy, my introduction to the company would have been far more daunting.


Finance Graduate


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