The TUI Bedfordshire Hackathon

As part of our commitment to building relationships with our local universities, the IT Graduate Recruitment team hosted an exclusive Hackathon event with the University of Bedfordshire.

If you don’t already know a Hackathon is an event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming to create a solution based on a scenario.

Our Hackathon at Bedfordshire Uni, in Luton, lasted 48 hours, with 13 teams coming from a range of backgrounds, from first year students all the way through to PHD students. All of the teams competed against each other to be crowned the first TUI IT Hackathon Winners! Each group worked on a project with the potential for real business benefit this included prototype apps, websites covering every part of the customer journey from pre-booking to in-resort.

All the teams were provided support from both technical and business perspectives. This included TUI technical colleagues working alongside University of Bedfordshire Computer Science lecturers to help students with different abilities to learn new coding languages, development methodologies and project management skills. This focus on learning and innovation was encouraged by TUI colleagues to bring blue sky thinking to life.

The event was very well received by students and staff alike, with numerous participants spending the whole 48 hours working in the computer lab on their projects. The event encouraged a friendly, collaborative atmosphere, with one participant commenting: “For two days I just felt I was one among the TUI family.”


IT Graduate 


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