A day in the life of a… Finance Grad

katieWe caught up with finance graduate Katie, to find out what shes been up to on her first rotation.

Where are you currently working for your first assignment?

I am currently working in the Revenue Accounting team- it is a one year placement.

How does your role affect someone’s holiday?

Part of what I am involved in is doing the accounting adjustments for the revenue we receive from customers when they book a holiday. Customers pay their deposits at booking and are required to pay their full balance 12 weeks before departure.

However some customers will pay early or late so we need to do the accounting adjustments for this to make sure the money we receive is being recognised at the correct time.

How does your role work? Do you have projects, or is it recurring tasks?

My role is a Month End focussed role- Month End is the first four working days of the month where we process transactions and journal entries for the month just gone to ensure that month reflects that months financial activities. Journals basically involve debiting and crediting different accounts we have in our general ledger.

During these four days- I have to prepare and post all of my journals which are how we make accounting adjustments in the general ledger for the month just passed. My role works on months so each month I tend to do the same tasks.

What’s the first thing that you do in the morning when you get to work?

Probably like everyone else I check my emails when I get into work. Then I open Excel! Everything I do is on Excel and since starting work I’ve discovered how important and useful it can be!

How big is your team?

My immediate team is not very big, it consists of six other people but most of the time I am just working with my line manager.

Do you have lots of meetings?

I don’t usually have many meetings but will have regular catch ups with my buddy, line manager, mentor and programme manager.

What’s your favourite thing about TUI?

I really like the relaxed and friendly approach of TUI. Everyone is always willing to know how you are getting on in your placement and also how your exams are going.

What are you looking forward to in the future on your grad scheme?

I am looking forward to the other rotations that I will complete on the scheme as this will allow me to learn even more and gain new experiences. I think this will be a great way to know what areas of Finance I really enjoy and where I want to go in my career.

Along with this, I am looking forward to passing more exams and getting through CIMA!


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