A trip to Gran Canaria – not your average day in the office…

Having recently just started my new project in the Concept Management, Design and Delivery team, I’m sure you can imagine I was pretty excited to be jetting off to Gran Canaria during only my second week on the job!

The 7am flight from Stansted meant I had to be awake at around 3.30am, which I must admit wasn’t the most glamorous part to the trip. But after a quick sleep on the plane and 4 hours across the Atlantic, I’d gone from freezing temperatures to 24 degrees and bright sunshine, so it wasn’t all bad!!


First stop was the TUI FAMILY LIFE Bahia Feliz, it was a great hotel with so many facilities available such as many different kids clubs suitable for all ages, Thea’s coffee shop and the activity areas which really showcased the concept for me.

The purpose of the trip was to get to grips with TUI FAMILY LIFE and fully experience what the concept has to offer to our customers! I had a guided tour around the hotel, some free time to take some photos that would help with my project, followed by the opportunity to eat in the buffet restaurant and watch the evening entertainment whilst of course sampling the cocktail menu.


The following day I headed to the SuneoClub Waikiki to again experience first-hand what SuneoClub was all about and see what facilities the hotel has to offer.

It was really interesting seeing both hotels together which enabled me to compare both family offerings and the difference in USP’s that each concept has to offer.

After looking around the hotel and again experiencing the buffet restaurant for some lunch I then headed back to the airport to catch a flight back to Luton. Overall the trip was really useful, not only to help me with the projects I’m going to be working on but also to enhance my knowledge on two of our key family offerings at TUI.

HC3Until next time…


Commercial Graduate


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