I was in Information Security for my first six month placement, which was great for me as this was a topic of high interest. The scheme funded the security plus exam which is great as this exam is internationally recognised and a great foundation to have for entering the world of IT security.

The exam covered many different topics from cryptography, security threats, access controls and more. I found this exam very difficult, not necessarily the understanding of the information provided as the Security+ book explains everything very clearly. But the sheer amount of acronyms was overwhelming. I was lucky several members of the team were taking the exam at the same time allowing us to arrange study sessions and provide exams tips to each other and the Information Security Manager was great support.

With a pass rate of 83%, I entered that exam not feeling ready and admitting defeat right then. After a vigorous inspection, pulling out my pockets, checking up my sleeves, questioning my signature and don’t get me started on the horrendous picture they took of me, I was allowed to take the exam. This was a 90 minute multiple choice exam, but do not get fooled they do not make the multiple choice easy. When I finished the exam I anxiously waited for my results, after a number of marketing and customer service Marie-Clare_croppedquestions, my results were shown on screen. I passed by the skin of my teeth with 84%, that was enough for me to celebrate my way into my already scheduled holiday to France. The worst part, my results were printed and at the top of the page with that horrendous picture I spoke about above. Putting that aside, my goal to a future career in Information Security is one step closer.


IT Graduate 


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