A day in the life of a…Finance Analyst

Busy studying for her CIMA exams, Amy found the time to enlighten us on the world of Commercial Finance; the first year long rotation of a 3 year scheme… Hangar

Where are you currently working in your first assignment?

For my first year I have been placed in the Commercial Finance team as a Finance Analyst for Distribution. In simple terms I am a Business Partner for Groups and Weddings, Analytics, Innovation and our websites that don’t fall under the domain of Thomson or First Choice.

How does your role work? Do you have projects, or is it recurring tasks?

As in most Finance roles Month End is a busy time where the same tasks occur each month, but for one reason or another they’re never quite the same! Every month I produce a pack which I present to the Director of E-Commerce but aside from that much of my other work is adhoc and is directed by the needs of my Business Partners.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning when you get to work?

I would like to say I attentively check my emails as soon as I get to work – however in the morning my priority is a cup of tea. With Finance being located next to Costa and the hot water urn, a cup of tea to accompany my breakfast whilst reading emails is a must.

How big is your team?

As it stands Commercial Finance contains about 30 people who fall into sub-teams for Cruise, Trading Ancillaries Pricing Accommodation Strategy (otherwise known as TAPAS), Marketing and One-Brand; and my team Retail and Distribution.

What’s your favourite thing about TUI?

My favourite thing about TUI is the people – cliché I know. I initially found the idea of joining an established team a little daunting, however everyone is so welcoming and happy to help, this fear soon vanished.

What is CIMA and how does it work at TUI?

CIMA is the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and is the set of exams TUI have chosen to fund their Finance Graduates through. To become fully qualified and gain the globally recognised CGMA designation you must pass 4 levels of exams: Certificate in Business Accounting consisting of 4 exams and the Operational, Management and Strategic levels which each contain 3 multiple choice exams and 1 case study exam.

Although we study the core content for our exams outside of work hours TUI is very supportive and engaged with our studying and we are provided with study leave for each exam.  It is standard to complete your CIMA exams within the 3 year scheme however there is no defined exam schedule we have to keep to and it is up to us to decide when we are ready to move onto the next level.

There are three main ways to study:

  • In centre classroom – great if you can commit to specific study times and locations and learn well in a classroom situation
  • Online content – with all content pre-loaded this method allows you to study whenever and wherever you wish
  • Online live – live interactive lectures at a set time you watch from home

What are you looking forward to in the future on your grad scheme?

In the short term I am really excited to go on the Discovery 2 Shakedown where my team along with other people from Head Office and Retail fly to Malaga for a weekend cruise to celebrate the launch of the new Discovery 2 ship!

In the long term I am looking forward to moving around Finance and deciding which area I want to focus on when I finish the scheme.


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