1 IT Grad Vs. The London Marathon

MarathonIn May 2016 I had a moment of madness and entered the ballot for the London Marathon. In the October I found out I didn’t get a place. Some of you may think I had a lucky escape, but no, I went and registered with TUI’s main charity the Family Holiday Association (FHA). Within hours I was part of the IT marathon team and was set a target of raising £1500 for this amazing charity.

Since January my life has consisted of non-stop training both at the gym and weekends which quite often left me complaining about my legs around the office. However, it was all worth it because on Sunday 23rd April 2017 I completed the 26.2 miles race around the capital. 7 bottles of water, 3 Lucozade drinks, 6 energy gels, handful of jelly babies and 4 hours 53 minutes 19 seconds later I finally crossed that finish line.

Despite hitting a wall at 20 miles, and injuring both my knee and calf, I was able to drag my body across the line (even if it was after the guy in the Rhino costume) and be proud that I had raised over £1000 for the charity and completed one of the most famous marathons in the world. Now I can enjoy all the Dominos (other pizza suppliers are available) in the world and brag to everyone with my shiny new medal.


IT Graduate


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