What is Analytics at TUI?

Rhubarb is a bit of an inconspicuous, boring plant that nobody seems to pay much attention to. It’s usually ignored in favour of more trendy superfoods such as kale. However rhubarb isn’t as boring as you might imagine… It grows so quickly that you can hear it grow! Yes that’s right, YOU CAN HEAR IT GROW! Well you might be wondering why in earth (pun intended) I might be talking about rhubarb but there is a link…

Analytics is growing here at TUI. It’s growing fast. We might be perceived as being boring but analytics is increasingly critical to many aspects of the business, so I’ll spend the next couple of paragraphs explaining how this is the case. I’ll be focussing on the three rotations that we do on the Analytics Graduate Scheme: Customer, Digital & Commercial.

  1. Starting off with Customer Analytics (my one and only placement so far), we work alongside many parts of the business providing insights into our customers. This includes establishing customer trends, profiling customers by destination, product & brand as well as supporting CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in ensuring that our emails & DMs are sent to the right customers. Tracking KPIs such as retention and NPS are also a key part of our jobs. Essentially there is a growing desire to understand our customers to improve their experience as well as improve revenue that customer analytics is at the forefront of.
  2. The next placement I’ll be heading to is Digital Analytics. Digital analytics is split into three main areas – marketing, conversion and trading. Digital as you can imagine involves all things digital, with a primary emphasis on the Thomson and First Choice websites. One of the many jobs in digital is AB testing which is essentially testing variations of images, placement of text to name a couple, and determining how they are impacting clicks and ultimately conversion; which for a holiday company is booking a holiday. With more and more customers using the website to search and book, streamlining processes and understanding how customers are interacting with the website are very important for business performance and our customers’ journey.
  3. Last but not least we have Commercial Analytics. Commercial is all about ensuring we are making money as a business. In particular it’s about how we price our holidays, which depends on a lot of factors but most importantly how quickly different units/destinations are selling. A couple of projects that the grads have taken on are looking at yield effectiveness, i.e. does reducing the price of our holidays impact the number of bookings customers make, and the implementation of our UK yield management system across other source markets.

In addition to our day jobs within our placements, the grads have been working on setting up an ‘Analytics Academy’ to provide a more structured training framework for all analysts at TUI. It’s still in its early stages but it is definitely something to look out for!

The key takeaway:  it’s about time to start paying more attention to analytics at TUI. Just like rhubarb, it’s growing faster than you can imagine and it’s not going to be stopping anytime soon.images


Analytics Graduate


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