Innovation Team Discovery Day

iona 2What do puppies, kittens and gardening all have in common…? They all played a big part in my team’s Discovery Day on Wednesday!

At TUI, we each have one day per year that we can spend working for a charity of our choice. So, when I was tasked with organising one for my team, working with puppies seemed the obvious choice…!

We spent the day at the Blue Cross Animal Rehoming Centre in Kimpton, which is a local charity that takes in unwanted or stray dogs, cats, rabbits and horses and sets them up with a new home.iona

When we arrived, we were given a tour of the centre and were set our mission, which was to work on the “sensory garden” for the animals. Tasks included clearing the garden of large rocks and tyres, mowing the lawn, weeding, painting the fence, sanding down benches and digging out stepping stones that had been covered over by the grass.

We were iona 5promised that once we had finished gardening we could play with the animals, so it was all hands on deck and we smashed through the tasks as quickly as possible, with just a quick picnic stop in-between!

Finally, the clock struck 3 and it was time to play! Enter Prudence, Lizzie and the kittens!


Commercial Graduate


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