Discovering how to launch a cruise ship

Last week a very exciting event took place. The launch of the TUI Discovery 2 cruise ship. The ship set off with it’s first customers on Monday, sailing off on an envious cruise around the Western Med. However before our customers stepped on board, a huge team of people helped to transform the ship which 2 of our commercial grads, Catrina and Andrew, have been a part of. Luckily enough for the two of them, their projects ended with the ‘Shakedown Cruise’; a 3 day conference on board for all of our Distribution & Cruise colleagues (which just sounded like one big party to the rest of us).

Now they’re back safe on Luton soil, we wanted to find out more…


What was your role in the launch? I looked after all our revenue based suppliers all the way from planning up to the physical implementation. This involved managing the key stakeholders throughout the process and ensuring that everything was in place for a successful launch

What was the biggest challenge you Photo 15-05-2017, 15 12 16overcame? I managed to take 22 of the team out for tapas and ordered everyone’s food (in some very loose Spanish…). No complaints as of yet.

What was your highlight? The launch event was simply amazing. When you have worked on something for a considerable amount of time and to then see it in all its glory with everybody celebrating was such a lovely experience.

What’s your favourite thing about the new ship? The Live Room is such a dynamic venue and has something to entertain everyone, but I am also a fan of the VR room, which is a first for Thomson Cruises and is a really innovative concept to have on-board.


What was your role in the launch? To implement hard signage and digital signage onboard TUI Discovery 2, from the design phase, through to manufacture and implementation while keeping stakeholders informed  and ensuring delivery on time, in scope and in budget.

Photo 18-04-2017, 23 34 51What was the biggest challenge you overcame? IT issues that caused delays in the creation of the digital signage. It meant spending a lot of time with the Digital Content Manager in the final few days to get fully set up and make sure everything was running on time and on brand on all the screens around the ship.

What was your highlight? Seeing everyone’s hard work finished and looking fantastic. It’s great to see the physical end product that you’ve spent all your time working on and celebrating with a giant launch party was the icing on the cake.

What’s your favourite thing about the new ship? My favourite thing about the ship is the new art work that sits on the stairs of every Deck. They are photos taken by a local Spanish photographer of TUI Discovery 2 while she was in dry dock. I think they’re great for our customers to see the transformation she went through.


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