Development Week #2 – ft. Mexican Lollipops

Did you know that in Mexico they have chilli flavoured lollipops?

No, neither did I until last week.  Group Picture

Development week number 2 brought together the 16 UK Grads and 14 of the current international grads. Giving Marisol, a lovely International Grad, the chance to laugh at the UK grads who couldn’t handle the heat of her lollipops…I’m talking about you, Ed and Hannah. Although the week was a good chance to catch up together, it was also really helpful to shape us individually for the future.

The workshops covered the following topics:

  • Presenting with Impact
  • Leadership & Performance
  • Negotiation Skills

Presenting with impact of course sent shivers down most of our spines, however it really wasn’t anything to worry about. The day involved doing a 1 minute presentation on ourselves, which our fellow grads provided feedback on. Some of the grads got very creative with Laura introducing herself through the help of Buzzfeed quiz results (Genius). Later on we had to use the feedback to present another 3 minute presentation on a business subject of our choice. Not only did this help our presentation skills, but we also got to hear about some of the amazing projects grads have been working on throughout the TUI Group.

Hannah, Marisol & ChristopherLeadership & Performance focused on the difference between management and leadership. We learnt about the different styles of management and how these can influence the motivation and productivity of the teams we will manage in the future. The two day workshop also looked at what motivates us in a job, something which I know will help me when I leave the scheme and am looking for a permanent role.

The final day on Negotiation Skills was the perfect activity for a Friday to keep our developing brains on track. We were split into 6 teams and paired with another group. 1 team would play a tour operator and the other, a tour supplier. Each team was given a brief of the limits they could or couldn’t stretch to and eagerly we all started work on our strategy and tactics. After an intense few hours of negotiations in the afternoon all 3 sets of teams reached a deal and hands were shook. A great way to get some hands on learning which relates to our industry.

Thanks TUI for another great development week!

Commercial Grad

(Read about Development Week #1 here)


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