The Dark Arts of IT

Some of you may be aware that IT loves to abbreviate everything, often sounding like they are speaking absolute gibberish. As an IT graduate, I have found myself following the flow and using this same language myself.

The Dark Arts of IT was an opportunity to break the language barriers IT may have with the rest of the business and show that we are not always as nerdy as people may think. For this event the IT grads and apprentices came together in June to arrange a colleague engagement lunch and learn.

For this event we placed stalls around a large conference room within the Wigmore offices. People were able to come and go as they please, walking up to the various stalls to ask questions they may have, network with different people and learn something new. This was a fun opportunity for TUI colleagues to learn what each function do, as well as finding out about the exciting plans for the future. There was at least one stall for each function including IT Engineering, Service Delivery, IT Office, IT Architecture and finally IT Portfolio Management. Each stall provided information and a fun game to aid the lunch time learning (who doesn’t like a little bit of organised fun).

Finally, it would not be an event hosted by IT early talent if there isn’t a quiz involved. The event ended with a kahoot quiz filled with information from each of the stalls, prizes included a Samsung tablet and a bottle of wine bringing out the competitiveness nature of everyone involved. The event had lots of positive feedback and we are now looking forward to arranging one for next year.

IT Graduate


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