10 Hours in Hanover

To wrap up my 8 month placement in Commercial Analytics I travelled to our Head Office in Hanover, Germany. The majority of my time in this placement was spent working towards the implementation of a new trading system for our German colleagues. This was to enable the traders to price holidays in a more sophisticated way. As a result of the differing needs of the German market, several changes were needed to be made to the existing UK&I trading solution so that it met their requirements. This demanded changes to an already very complex set of logic flows. My main area of focus was to create a prototype to test whether our new calculations were behaving as expected.

This was a really great project to sink my teeth into as it not only allowed me to become an expert in German pricing methods, but also allowed me learn new coding skills and to be creative in the designing of the prototype. Getting to travel to another country and present to key stakeholders was a bonus!


On arrival, I was greeted by a huge red TUI smile statue in reception, which was probably triple the size of me! I was then taken for a tour of the office which has a very different look and feel to our UK office in Luton, which is much more open-plan.

After my tour of the building, equipped with a very strong coffee, I presented the outcomes of my prototype to a small group of our German colleagues. It was great to hear their thoughts on the work I had been doing over the past couple of months and to gain their buy-in of the new system.

As a result of my trip to Hanover, my prototype is now being used as a training tool. It enables German colleagues to learn how different pricing strategies will impact price before inputting it into the live system.

Analytics Graduate


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