Application Tips

It’s that time of year again; the Grad scheme applications are now open! Below are some of our top tips for filling out that form:

1) Make sure you’ve fully read and understood the job description before you apply, so that you mention things that are relevant to the scheme in your answers.

2) Avoid using facts from the website in your answers, it doesn’t show anything more   than your ability to copy and paste.

3) Let your personality shine through in a way that shows you’re suited to the role.

Quote 1

4) Show passion in every part of your application. Your words represent you, use them well.

5) With passion, detail becomes easy. Write in detail, explain extensively where possible.

6) Read the questions twice and draft your answer, read it and re read it to make it as polished as possible. They’ll spot a rushed response a mile off.

Quote 2

7) Show off your hard earned achievements, and align them to parts of the job application.

8) Research the company, you’re unlikely to be ‘tested’ on it, but it’ll come across in your answers that you understand the company values and goals.

9) Express how you’ve demonstrated the TUI Values: Trusted, Unique and Inspiring throughout your application.

10) Once you’ve finished the application, take your time with the online tests. Do them in an appropriate environment and get some practise in before the real thing.

Quote 3

Ready to Apply? Hop on over to our Recruitment Page

Coming up next week: Meet the IT Fleet!


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