Assessment Centre and Interview Tips 2017!


In the lead up to the 2017 assessment centres and interviews, here are some tips and tricks (#LifeHacks) to help you on your day:

For the Video Interview:

  • Speak clearly and loudly and use a well lit room
  • Ensure your microphone and camera works
  • Try not to have anything in the background that would distract from your answers
  • Frame yourself in the screen correctly

hiring memeinterviewer-why-should-we-hire-you-me-because-youre-hiring-10701722

For the Assessment Centre:

  • Make sure you go over what you told us in the initial application and reasons for choosing TUI as you’ll likely be asked to elaborate on these during the interview.
  • Don’t be worried about taking some time to think, the interviewer has been in your shoes!
  • Rehearse the classic interview questions – they always come up and there are lots great websites to use!
  • In group exercises you can only be marked on what you say and do, so make sure you contribute
  • Give everyone a chance to speak, the person who shouts over others doesn’t come out on top even though they think they are being a leader


And Remember:

  • Have questions prepared, and be honest about your experience and ­­­what you want from the scheme.
  • Make sure you know about the role you’re applying for and new developments in the tourism industry.
  • Remember to sell yourself… don’t just answer the questions!


A wise grad once said:

“No one is trying to trick you or catch you out; just give us a reason to employ you” 


Ready to apply? Head over to our recruitment page now!

Tui smile tiny

Coming Up Next Time: A very TUI Christmas!


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