Days of Our Lives: Analytics Edition

Happy new year all!

As we’re almost halfway through the first placements, this feels like a good time to show you what our days typically look like. All three placements are very different so there’s an example day for each, and a quick summary of the projects we’re currently working on.

First up is Amanda, currently in Commercial Analytics:


A typical day for me looks like:

Amanda Calander

Since we started in September I’ve been working in the Commercial Analytics team. A lot of the team focuses on maintaining and improving our Yield Management System. I’ve been working on the flight-only competitor pricing project, building prototypes using new technology. I’ve also been helping out on another very exciting project – Accelerate. This project is based around the integration of the Yield Management System between the UK & I and the Nordics. Joining the team has been a real challenge but it has allowed me to learn a lot of new skills in a short amount of time which I look forward to applying to my future rotations!

Then meet Bobbie, currently working in Customer Analytics:

Bobbie Profile Pic 2.jpg

My day usually looks like this:

Bobbie Calander

Since I’ve joined the graduate scheme, I’ve been tasked with a project to create a Campaign Dashboard within Tableau – a visualisation tool to present data effectively. For this, I’ve had some training from colleagues but also a lot of independent learning with resources and help there if I needed it. The objective of the dashboard is to show customers’ engagement with our marketing campaigns in an easy to interpret manner, to drive as much insight as possible for the stakeholders. Already having been given a project with real business benefit which allows me to fully understand the software and the data, as well as changing week to week as new things come up, is rewarding and exciting.


Finally, Nick, currently in Digital Analytics:

Nick Profile Pic

My day comprises of:

Nick Calander

The main work that I’m doing focuses around building and reporting on current A/B optimisation tests. These tests change certain design elements on the website for some users, to see the effect it has on key conversion metrics. I’m also doing a much larger project called ‘the Playbook’ which involves accumulating all previous optimisation tests ever done since November 2016 and reporting how many of those increased conversion and how many didn’t. As part of this I’m also looking at how much monetary value optimisation tests have brought to the business and how many of the new, successful designs tested were fully developed. It’s great to be working on a variety of smaller and larger projects. It has really helped me settle into the role and I’m enjoying the additional responsibility of the larger projects.


Next week’s article will be a day in the life of a Finance Graduate!

Ready to apply? Hop on over to our recruitment page.

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